America closes ten military bases in Afghanistan

There is no reduction in Taliban violence in Afghanistan. Despite this, the US has started gradually reducing its military. The US has closed ten of its military bases. The number of US military bases in Afghanistan has not been revealed.

Ten years ago America had hundreds of military bases here, but now only a few dozen have been reduced. According to media reports, the US has also closed military bases in such provinces, where violence is still going on.

Among the ten places where they have been closed are the military bases of Helmand, Kabul, and Kunduz. The US military has given all of its buses to the Afghan army and sealed some. America has five thousand soldiers by January 15 and wants to reduce this number to two and a half thousand.

The gradual withdrawal of the army was a major condition of the agreement with the Taliban of America. The agreement was reached in February. It is to be known that last week, the US caretaker defense minister Christopher Miller said that by January 15, the US will reduce its military strength from five thousand to two and a half thousand. The withdrawal of the entire army is likely by May.