Biden that can bring a period of sobriety

Democratic Party leader Joe Biden, who is on the threshold of victory in the US presidential election, will not only change the internal system of America but may also see a change in global diplomacy. In the world of diplomacy, Biden is expected to be more restrained and balanced than the mean-spirited trump.

That is why it is believed that during the period of Trump, there will be a return to some degree of stability in the global system and diplomacy, which has been experiencing a period of instability. Biden would hardly show any softness towards Beijing in the battle to maintain American supremacy in global diplomacy.

Biden, who is rich in political experience, will undoubtedly walk on a different footing from Trump, but will not take unsystematic diplomatic steps. At the same time, it is believed that in order to hold Beijing's ambitions, it will be working with the Quad countries as well as the existing Indo-Pacific region. Trump will pursue the administration's strategic initiatives.

Not only this, Biden does not have the option to show softness to Beijing in China's BRI global project and US policy towards Taiwan. Regarding the changes in the global diplomatic system after Biden took over the reins, former Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal said that if the US is to remain the leader, then it will have to negotiate with China on issues like BRI, Taiwan and the South China Sea.

There is no doubt that the dimensions of stability in Biden's policies will be greater than Trump's, but Trump's US position on China has reached the point where it will be difficult for Biden to retreat. In such a situation, despite walking on stable and restrained diplomacy compared to Trump, Biden will not be able to go against the perception that has been created in the American public against China.

During Trump's tenure, relations with European countries, longtime trusted friends of America, have reached their worst phase. During the election campaign, Biden had clearly indicated that he would not only improve relations with Europe but would also reinforce NATO, the organization of countries that had been America's trusted partner in global diplomacy and strategy for decades.