Cashback up to Rs 11,000 will be available in Tambola game on Paytm

Digital financial platform Paytm has launched Diwali Tambola. Users can collect Diwali items on Tambola tickets through various activities and transactions on the Paytm app.

Under this, this fun game available till 30th November allows users to meet various offers in which cashback of up to Rs 11,000 can be found.

Participants can collect things like firecrackers, sweets, Diwali gifts from various activities such as paying at local grocery stores, transacting money or settling bills on Paytm. Participants can also gift a Diwali item to friends and in turn win a surprise Diwali item.

A Paytm spokesperson said that this year those who may not be able to enjoy the festivities like other years, can play Tambola with anyone.

How to Play?

  • On entering the game, every participant gets a Tambola ticket displayed on top, along with a list of Diwali items to be collected.
  • Participants start off this fun exercise with the complimentary Agarbatti item, and start collecting the others.
  • The participant needs to do various activities & payments on Paytm to collect the Diwali items such as Crackers, Sweets, Diwali Gifts etc.
  • Exciting cashbacks can be won by collecting sets of Diwali items on the Tambola ticket such as Early 7, Corners, Lines and Full House.
  • Participants can also gift a Diwali Item to friends and win a surprise Diwali item in return.