Congress deviation

The Congress's readiness to meet the Left and contest elections in Bengal suggests that it is taking such steps to protect its existence, which will eventually serve to weaken it further. The Congress's alliance with the Left will only seal the notion that its inclination towards the leftist ideology is losing its importance in the world as well as in India.

At one time, the Left parties were influential in Tripura along with Bengal and Kerala, but now they are confined to Kerala only. Despite this, the Congress is seeing its future in standing with the Left parties. This is not only indicative of the disorientation of the Congress, it is also a sign that it is not ready to return to its original ideology.

No one knows why Congress is not ready to understand that the middle class used to be its strength. It is not only a matter of surprise that the Congress, which is fighting the Left parties in Kerala, is preferring to go with them in Bengal, but also that its customs policy is also being influenced by the Left. Can there be any more irony than this that P. Chidambaram demands the withdrawal of Article 370 and the Congress leadership likes to remain silent?

Similarly, Congress leaders in Telangana demand a ban on French products and the party leadership remains silent. The same attitude of the party leadership also showed in the case of that MLA from Bhopal, who mobilized thousands of people to protest against France. Congress is free to do politics on its own, but it is difficult to say that it is a party with nationalist views, looking at its current policy. Keep in mind that before this, Rahul Gandhi himself preferred to stand with the student leaders of JNU who shouted very objectionable slogans.

It also cannot be ignored that how did the Congress react to the Ram temple and the triple talaq question? Congress should understand that the path it is following will only be weaker than this because now its ideology looks almost the same as that of the Left parties. If he has no objection to adopting the ideology of the Left parties, then why is he against them in Kerala? The question is also that what is going to be achieved by leaving their land in the name of coalition politics and compromising with the opposing parties?