Effect of US election 2020 results

The world's powerful country has always been interested in the presidential election of America. It is also this time because America has never been so divided on its ideological basis. The ideology that the two major parties — Democratic and Republican — represent, has created a divide between American society, which is not easily seen.

Donald Trump is believed to be responsible for this gap. It is said that Trump was determined to be president when Barack Obama ridiculed him at a dinner. Trump, who has declared himself bankrupt several times as an industrialist, finally won the Republican Party's candidature and achieved unsuccessful success in 2016 when Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton's victory was assured. Trump for his controversial statements and unexpected decisions is known.

He was accused not only of ignoring Corona but also of ignoring the police's aggressive attitude towards blacks. This led to increased tension between whites and blacks before the election and violence in many cities. Trumps appeared to be avoiding the steps that should have been taken to stop this violence. Before the election, he started saying that if he loses, there will be riots in America. He also continued to fight with the media. He is also known for how he has driven his senior colleagues from their posts.

He also faced serious allegations of corruption. He denied Russia's interference in the last election but is now accusing himself of rigging the election process. On this charge, he is being questioned as to that why did he not try to correct it even after being familiar with the complexities of the election process? Trump has reached the Supreme Court regarding the counting of votes, but it is clear that they are not going to achieve anything. When the whole world was reeling under the Kovid pandemic, Trump decided to withdraw from the global body by accusing the WHO of being a puppet of China. He also failed to fight this epidemic. Initially, he refused to believe that it was a fatal disease. He also continued to call lockdown and mask as essential.

As a result, the US, which considers itself to be the top in science and technology, had the highest number of deaths due to this epidemic. Republicans follow the 'America First' policy.They also use the same policy in international affairs and bilateral relations. Due to this, international diplomacy is also affected along with the world economy. Trump took the US First policy to a different level, without thinking about how it would affect the world. For this reason, many countries of the world remained skeptical about their decisions. America is a country of migrants.

People from every country have settled here. Indians here also have a significant impact. This time more than a dozen people of Indian origin have won elections. Kamala of Indo-African descent Harris is the vice-presidential candidate. Even after declaring India as his friend, Trump continued to curb decisions on H-B, H-2B, and other foreign visas. H-1B visa is very helpful for Indians. Typically IT sector professionals avail of this visa.

Despite Trump's keen eye on this visa, relations between India and America continued to intensify. For some time, the friendship between Trump and Modi was also deepened. Due to this, he also visited India at the last time of his tenure. Trump took an aggressive stand against many countries. In recent times he has shown considerable aggression towards China. He did take several steps to curb the trade deficit with China, but they did not affect China much. Since Trump has been alleging that Biden is being lenient towards China, it remains to be seen how he, as president, would deal with the challenge being presented by China.

By this, both Democrats and Republicans agree that China is becoming a challenge to the world order. The policy that the US will adopt in the case of China will also affect India. Undoubtedly, the Trump administration rebuked China's aggressive attitude towards India but did not see the help it needed. Since the Democrats are not so US-centric, which should benefit India, but it remains to be seen whether Biden is interested in solving India's core problems. Among these One is about Pakistan's anti-India stance and the other on China's aggressive stance.

One American president after another believed that Pakistan spreads terror in India, but he was more limited to giving a statement to this effect. He never paid serious attention to the terrorist bases operating in Pakistan. The US continued to help Pakistan nurture the Taliban and other terrorist organizations. India had to bear the brunt of this. In the name of fighting Pakistan terror. He continued to seek help from America and raise terrorists.

Trump stopped Pakistan's help but compromised with the Taliban. What attitude does Biden adopt? It is so certain that even after he becomes President, India will not stop the process of friendship between America, because the relationship of the two countries has reached the point from which it cannot be returned.