Farmer's son will work with Virat Kohli & Co.

When Team India goes on a tour of Australia this month, along with Kohli and Co., the son of a poor farmer family of Bengal. The 28-year-old man is Dayanand Garani, who has been appointed as Team India's Massage Therapist cum Throwdown Specialist. Dayanand is a resident of Jamitya, a small village in East Medinipur district.

It is known that D Raghavendra has been playing this role since the time of Sachin Tendulkar in Team India. He will not be able to go to Australia due to Corona being infected, so Dayanand has been selected in his place. Dayanand is also a massage therapist-cum-throwdown specialist from Kings XI Punjab.

Dayanand said, I was told to return home on November 2 after Kings XI Punjab was out of IPL, but due to being selected in Team India, I have been asked by BCCI to stay in Dubai at present because to go on a tour to Australia, it is necessary to live in a bio-bubble (safe environment designed to protect against corona). In Jamitya, Dayanand lives in a tin-roofed house with parents, brother-in-law. His father cultivates paddy and other crops. This is how the family lives. Earlier Dayanand also did farming.

He told, I have loved cricket since childhood. I also play cricket. I am a right-handed medium pace bowler. In 2007, I used to go to Kolkata to practice, but due to financial constraints, it is not possible to do it every day. He started training in Kolaghat itself. After this, played the Second Division League of Bengal Cricket Association on behalf of a cricket club. Then got a chance to play for Kolkata Police. 

During this time, I also got a job at Green Police. Meanwhile, I met Sanjeev Das, the then coach of Rajasthan's Ranji team. With his inspiration, started the innings as a massage therapist-cum-throwdown specialist. Dayanand was appointed to the Andhra Pradesh cricket team in 2016 and joined Kings XI Punjab as a massage therapist-cum-throwdown specialist in the current season of IPL and has now joined Team India. Sanjeev said that Dayanand has an amazing ability to bowl with both hands.