IAF bring back Covid-19 positive scientists from Asia

The Indian Air Force has brought fifty Indian scientists trapped in a country of West Asia to India by carrying out special rescue operations. The expedition was significant in that some of these scientists were infected with the global pandemic Covid-19. Therefore, special arrangements were made to bring them all together and airlifted with a special C-17 Globemaster aircraft.

All of them have been quarantined by landing at an airport in South India. All these Indian scientists went to the Indian republic under an agreement between a country in West Asia. Arrangements were made to bring them back as soon as it was discovered that some Indian scientists had become corona infected in that country.

For the return of all these scientists. The Indian administration asked the Air Force to bring back Indian scientists, including Covid patients. Even before this, the Indian Air Force has brought Indian citizens from Wuhan city of China and other parts of the world to India. But in corona times did not bring the patients. The C-17 Squadron of the Air Force has already been prepared for such incidents.

The pilots and crew members followed all precautions and avoided infection. After all the clearance, the C-17 aircraft took off from India in the first week of November. Indian officials carried out all the formalities and brought fifty Indian scientists to the aircraft. After two hours the plane left the airport there. The entire rescue operation took a total of twenty hours.