Increasing power transfer pressure on Donald Trump

There is increasing pressure on President Donald Trump to cooperate with the team of the country's elected President Joe Biden to ensure smooth power transfer. Let us know that the new President Biden will take oath on 20 January next year.

Meanwhile, Biden has started taking steps to form the government and to prepare teams to deal with Corona. However, the process may not begin fully before Biden is officially recognized as President. The General Services Administration (GSA) has the responsibility of formally recognizing Biden as the elected president.

After this, the process of transfer of power will begin, GSA Administrator Emily Murphy has not started this process yet nor has it said when she will do so.

President Donald Trump won't commit to peaceful transfer of power

Emily was appointed by Donald Trump. An unclear situation has raised questions that Trump, who has not yet accepted defeat and accused of irregularities in the elections, may hamper the Democratic Party's attempt to form the government. The federal government should give a clear and quick indication that it will respect and cooperate in the peaceful and smooth transfer of power.