India's ability to beat China, said Maruti Suzuki

The country's largest car company Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) believes that India has the potential to outperform its neighboring China in terms of low-cost production. Company chairman RC Bhargava said, "For this, industry and government will have to work together."

Bhargava urged the government to help increase competition in the Indian industry. All India Management Speaking at the association's (AIMA) event, the chairman of Maruti Suzuki said that his views should be made about making the Indian industry competitive worldwide.

He said that if the government and the industry works together, we can leave China behind in terms of production costs. Indian industry can provide quality products at very low prices. According to him, the more the industry will be able to sell, the more employment opportunities will come out.

Bhargava said that for the overall growth of the economy, the creation of employment in all sectors is very important. But the reservation for local people in manufacturing by many state governments is not good. This decision of the state governments is against the competition.