Indo-US cooperation during pandemic

The results of the talks between the Foreign and Defense Ministers of India and the United States are also an auspicious sign that the Chabahar port project with Indian cooperation will move fast and the US administration will not put any hurdle on it.

This means that the US has finally come to understand that this Iran-based project with broad objectives is not only in India and Afghanistan but in its own interest. Further progress of this project will help Afghanistan to reduce its dependence on Pakistan and also to restrict China's interference there. For peace and stability in South Asia, it is necessary to rein in Pakistan, as much as possible to take all possible measures to reduce China's growing influence in the region. Not only is it worth mentioning that the Chabahar port.

The US agreed with India's view of the project, but it is also. That the two countries agreed to increase cooperation in the defense-security sector. This work took place at a time when elections are going to be held in America. For this reason, many people have raised such questions that when the US is at the mouth of the election, then what is the rationale of talks between the two countries at the level of Foreign and Defense Minister?

The only answer to such questions is that the relationship between the two countries has become so strong now that it does not matter which party in the hands of American power is in the hands of which party? The important agreements reached between the US and India during the Foreign and Defense Ministerial talks are going to be helpful in meeting Indian interests and also in responding to the challenge being presented by China. China is becoming a challenge not only for India but also for Asia and even the whole world.

In fact, it has become a threat to the world system. Increasing mutual cooperation is necessary for like-minded countries to deal with this threat rapidly, as the United Nations is losing its relevance. Is there anything worse than the UN Security Council could not hold a serious discussion about the Kovid-19 epidemic due to China's obstinate attitude?

In the changed circumstances, it is also important that India gives more priority to the Quad over institutions like BRICS and SCO. This will help him increase his stature internationally and doing so today is also the need of the hour.