Islamic law relaxed in UAE

The winds of change are beginning to intensify in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), run by radical Islamic law. The UAE has announced to relax Islamic laws related to personal liberty. Now unmarried couples are allowed to live together. Strict restrictions on the consumption of alcohol have been relaxed and the law to justify the killing of women in the name of honor has been abolished. These changes are reflecting the changes in the views of UAE rulers for the last few days. One of the reasons for this change is the increasing demand in the country.

Like other countries of the world, the people of the UAE also want personal freedom. Apart from this, the agreement between the UAE and Israel on the initiative of the US can also be a reason. Apart from this, UAE also wants to develop all the cities of the country including Dubai as tourist destinations. 

According to the legal reforms announced by the government WAM news agency and the newspaper The National, now people aged 21 years and above will not have to pay any penalty for possessing, consuming and selling alcohol. The new rule will also allow Muslims to consume alcohol. Earlier, there was also a ban on giving licenses to Muslims.

The new law also allows couples to live together without marriage. Until now, doing so in the UAE was a crime. The rules defending the killing and harassment of women in violation or disrespect of religious and cultural rules have been scrapped. The harassment of women in the name of honor has now been made a crime like other attacks on them.

In a country where the number of migrants is high, with these reforms, foreigners will not have to go to Sharia courts in matters of marriage, divorce and succession. These changes have been made at a time when the UAE is about to host the World Expo.