Kamala Harris is an inspiration for every Indian

Kamala Harris, elected to the post of Vice President of America, is not only the first woman in the history of America but also the first black Indian and African-American. When elected Kamala Harris, Indian American lawmakers have described it as the beginning of a historic change.

US MP Pramila Jaipal has said that Kamla's election will pave the way for the future of millions of people who live here and cherish many dreams. The mother of Indian-American MP Pramila Jaipal is also originally from Chennai, like Kamala's mother. Pramila Jaipal and Kamala Harris have both worked together as MPs.

Indian-American MP Raja Krishnamurthy said that this is a memorable moment in the history of America's hundred years. I will be very happy when Kamla Harris with Joe Biden enters the White House office. Kamala has become a role model for our children. Indian American MP Ro Khanna said that we are moving towards a new era when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris arrive in the US White House.
Herald Tipirneni of Indian origin called Biden and Kamala's election a victory for truth and unity. Kesha Ram, the first Indian-American citizen elected to the legislative council in the state of Vermont, expressed happiness at the arrival of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the White House.

Swadesh Chatterjee, honored with Padam Bhushan in India in 2001, has said that the selection of Kamala Harris is a great example for our future generations to move forward. Entrepreneur M Rangaswamy, who lives in Silicon Valley, said that Kamala has known Harris since she was City Attorney in San Francisco. She is rich in amazing talent.

Ajay, another Indian-American citizen, said he had been part of Biden's election campaign since the beginning. It is a matter of pride that Kamala Harris will be ranked number two in the world's most powerful office. The Hindu American Foundation expressed hope that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would work for the betterment of the Hindu American community.