Kashmir started settling again, tourism increased after the lockdown

The paradise of the earth is once inhabited by Kashmir tourists. Kashmir has seen two lockdowns in the last one year. The first after Article 370 was removed and the second after Covid-19.

But the lush green hills and snowy mountains of Kashmir are again attracting tourists. Statistics of the state's tourism department are also confirming this. According to the department, between August and December last year, 43,000 tourists visited Kashmir.

While 16 thousand tourists by August in 2020 was able to reach Kashmir. However, the number of tourists has increased after the removal of the lockdown. In September-October this year, more than 6 thousand tourists came.

This is an indication that there has been a 100% increase in tourism after the removal of the lockdown. According to tourism officials, more than 10,000 people are expected to visit the Valley this November. 

According to the houseboat owner Bashir Ahmed in Srinagar, a 50% discount is being given to tourists. Hotel owners are also offering 30 to 50% off. Hotel owners in Gulmarg say that hotels are currently 30% full. Up to 50% of hotels and houseboats are expected to be filled by the end of November.