Largest naval exercise to challenge China from today

The four major democratic countries of the world including New Delhi, IANS India and the US will conduct naval exercises in the Indian Ocean from Tuesday. This military exercise has special significance in India's strained relations with China.

Australia will also be involved in this bypassing China's objection. The two member countries of the Quad are common in India, the US, Japan and Australia. They are all democratic countries and they are against the expansionist policy of China. Perhaps this is why these countries have chosen the Indian Ocean close to China this time for the annual Malabar naval exercise.

Indian Navy spokesman Commander Vivek Madhaval has said that this 24th Malabar naval exercise in November 2020 will be of two phases. In the first phase, the Indian Navy, the US Navy, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Royal Australian Navy will practice in the Bay of Bengal near Visakhapatnam.

This phase will run from November 3 to November 6 in the second phase. There will be naval exercises in the Arabian Sea in the middle of. The Malabar annual naval exercise began in 1992 in partnership with India and the United States. In 2015 it joined Japan. Australia is also joining the practice this time. The naval exercise will be attended by US Navy Guided Missile Destroyer USS John S. McCain, Australian Navy Helicopter with Long Range Frigate Ballarat and Japanese Navy Helicopter Destroyer Onami. In the first phase, the Indian fleet will be headed by Rear Admiral Sanjay Vatsyayan.

He is the Flag Officer Commanding of the Eastern Fleet of the Navy. The Indian Navy will participate in joint exercises with its Destroyer Rannvijay, Frigate Shivalik, Offshore Patrol Vessel Sukanya, Fleet Support Ship Shakti and Submarine Sindhuraj.