LinkedIn's career explorer tool for job search

The epidemic caused widespread upheaval in the job market. According to LinkedIn data, Pandemic unemployed around 140 million people in the world and posed a risk of pay cuts for around 1.6 billion people. In these circumstances, LinkedIn has launched a career explorer tool for job seekers which will help 722 million users.

What does this new tool do?

This tool named Career Explorer has been launched in the beta version in English. With this help, users get their jobs in search. Will be able to plan the next step. The tool will use LinkedIn data to tell job seekers how their skills and past experiences can be transformed into new roles. It will also tell which LinkedIn learning courses can help them reduce their skill gap. It also helps to seek guidance and advice from experienced people.

 Note:- In some Non-Root devices ESP not Activate first time. You need to click 'stop cheat' button and  'Start cheat' again.

Help in many ways at the professional level

The professional networking platform has also launched a new open-to-work profile photo frame that helps members to be noticed by the employees. In addition, its interview prep tool has also been expanded, which prepares the members for virtual interviews.