Mandatory to prefix ‘Zero’ before dialing a landline number from Jan 1 onwards

To call a mobile number from a landline phone, soon you may need to put 'zero' before the number. The Department of Telecommunications has accepted the recommendation of the telecom regulator TRAI in this regard. The telecom companies have been directed to make all necessary arrangements in this regard by January 1.
The move will help create a numbering space for telecom services. The Department of Telecommunications said in a circular that fixed-line switches would be changed in this regard so that when adding the number, the person could get information that he had to dial 'zero'. Whenever a person will not put 'zero' before the number while mixing the mobile number from the landline phone, then in this context the instructions will be heard.
TRAI made a recommendation in this regard on 29 May 2020. TRAI had clarified that the move is not intended to increase the number of digits in the telephone number. Also, TRAI had said that due to this change in dialing pattern, 254.4 crore additional numbering resources will be available for mobile service. This will be helpful in future needs.
There will be no change in the system of placing calls from landline to landline, mobile to a landline, and mobile to mobile. All fixed-line subscribers will be given 'zero dialing facility' to dial 'zero' before the number. It is also known as STD dialing facility.