Order to increase the salary of Major General rank officer to the government

The Armed Forces Tribunal has directed the Central Government to increase the salaries of the officers of the Major General rank of the armies. As these military officers are getting less salary than their junior officers. The government has been asked to increase the salary of an Air Vice Marshal of the Indian Air Force. Air Vice-Marshal P. Subhash Babu has approached the Armed Forces Tribunal through advocate Ankur Chhibber.

He took this step after the failure of the Sixth Pay Commission. In fact, with the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission, the salaries of senior colonels and brigadiers have exceeded the salaries of Major Generals. Since they receive 'military service pay', they later stop getting. Due to this, the salary of these junior officers like colonels and brigadiers is seven to eight thousand more than the salary of Major General.

Therefore, the tribunal president Rajendra Menon said in his decision that the accountable government was asked considering the salary of the petitioner, he should increase it from his then juniors and subsequent juniors from July 1, 2017.

They should also be provided all arrears up to this period. Besides, the government has also been directed to provide pension and other related benefits to the petitioner from July 1, 2020. Arrears should also be paid along with an interest of six percent within a period of three months of getting a copy of the judgment.

Chhibber said that this decision of the Armed Forces Tribunal will resolve the long-pending problem of two-star officers of the Armed Forces. He said that the honorable court said that the salary of the petitioner should be increased more than his junior officers and accordingly their pension should also be revised.