Priyanka born in India became a minister in New Zealand

Priyanka Radhakrishnan, who hails from Kerala province, India, took the oath of office in New Zealand on Monday. She is the first Indian to be inducted into the New Zealand cabinet. Explain that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has expanded her cabinet to include five new ministers including Priyanka. Priyanka Radhakrishnan, 41, of a family in Ernakulam district of Kerala, had moved to Singapore with her parents as a child.

His father's name is Raman Radhakrishnan and mother's Usha and currently, both live in Chennai. For further studies. Priyanka then moved to New Zealand and there she married Richardson, an IT professional. Priyanka, who works for the weaker section of the society including women, was elected MP in September 2017 on behalf of the Labor Party.

Radhakrishnan, 41, served as Minister for Community and Voluntary Sector. Jacinda Ardern has warned that a minister who does not work will be removed from the cabinet. Gay Grant Robertson New Deputy Prime Minister: PM Jessinda Ardern has appointed Gay Grant Robertson as the new Deputy Prime Minister of the country.

In addition to being the Deputy Prime Minister, Robertson will also hold the responsibility of the Finance Minister. He has long been a close friend and political ally of PM Ardern. Robertson will replace Winston Peters. Peters and his New Zealand First Party have not been able to win re-election.