Sales of electronic goods are expected to remain strong


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 Companies are confident of continuing to increase consumer electronic goods sales in the coming months. Companies making consumer goods such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines say that their production units are operating at full capacity and expect sales to increase in November-December, as in the previous month.

Companies say that now demand for the premium segment is coming out from small cities. Given the Corona period, it has been speculated that the sale of consumer electronic goods maybe less. According to Samsung India, the festive season this year saw a 32% increase in total consumer electronics sales over the previous year. At the same time, LG's consumer electronics in total sales grew by 28% during the period.

These two companies account for over 50% of India's consumer electronic goods market. Raju Pullan, senior vice-president, consumer electronics business, Samsung India, said the sales growth would continue for the next two months, given the signs of the business.

VP Babu Babu of LG Electronics India (Home Appliances) said that there is a huge demand for premium products and both of their production units are operating at full capacity these days. During Dhanteras-Diwali, he expects sales to increase by up to 50 percent over the previous year. This increase will continue in the coming months as well. Samsung India. According to the premium segment, the sales of small towns increased by 68 percent over the previous year.