These apps will make work from home easy by tracking work.

Work from home has its benefits but due to many productivity-related problems, employees are becoming victims of burnout. According to Microsoft's Work Trend report, one-third of the workers in the country are suffering from increasing burnout in the last six months. If you are feeling like this then take the help of these apps. 


With this app, you can organize the activities of the day, week, and month, you can also see how much time you are spending on each task. Track your tasks for weeks, you will be able to schedule your workdays by making the necessary improvements for maximum productivity.

Voice Notebook: 

While working voice notebook makes taking notes easy. With the help of this app, which works on voice recognition, you can easily convert your talk into text. Not only this, you can send or share your notes, download it as a text file, email it, and upload it to Google Drive.