These rules will bring significant changes in your life from today

Many changes are going to take place from today ie November 1. These are going to give happiness somewhere in our daily life and will also lose pockets somewhere. LPG cylinders are about to change from booking number to the time table of trains. SBI savings accounts will get less interest. There will be no charge for digital payment. 

No charge on digital payment

Now digital payment will be compulsory for businessmen with a turnover of more than fifty crore rupees. According to the new arrangement, customers or merchants will not be charged any fee or merchant discount rate (MDR) for digital payment.

LPG Cylinder will be available only after stating OTP

There should be a change in the delivery process of LPG Cylinder. Oil companies will implement the delivery authority code (DAC) system. The cylinder will be OTP on the registered mobile before it is delivered to the consumer's home. When the cylinder comes home, the OTP will have to be shown to the person who delivered the cylinder. If the consumer's mobile number is not updated, then you will be able to update the number on the app near the delivery person. This process will be implemented in the first 100 smart cities.

Railway will change the time table of trains

The time table of the earlier trains was scheduled to change from October 1, but this date was extended. A new timetable of trains will be released from November 1, this step will change the operating time of 13 thousand passenger and seven thousand freight trains. 

One number for booking Indian gas

According to Indian Oil, there were different mobile numbers for different circles of the country for booking LPG. Now, customers across the country will have to call or SMS 7718955555 to book LPG cylinders.

Low interest paid on SBI Savings Accounts

The interest rate on SBI accounts with deposits up to Rs 1 lakh will be reduced by 0.25 percent, while on deposits of more than one lakh rupees, now according to the repo rate the interest will give.

Deposit and Withdraw money will be charged

Bank of Baroda will charge customers both for depositing and withdrawing more than the prescribed limit. There are different charges for deposit withdrawal from the current account, cash credit limit, and overdraft account and deposit withdrawal from the savings account. After three times in a month for a loan account, you will have to pay 150 rupees each time. It will be free to deposit up to three times in a savings account, but for the fourth time deposit will have to be charged Rs 40. Jan Dhan account holders will have to pay 100 rupees on withdrawal.