Twitter apologizes for showing Ladakh in China: Lekhi

Twitter has apologized in writing to the Joint Parliamentary Committee for wrongly showing Ladakh in China. He has also promised to rectify the mistake. Meenakshi Lekhi, the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Data Protection Bill, gave information. Lekhi said that the affidavit filed by Twitter was signed by Twitter Inc.

Chief Privacy Officer Damian Karien. Last month, the parliamentary committee and the central government warned Twitter about its location settings in which Leh was shown in China. Disregard for the sovereignty and integrity of the country is unbearable. In the affidavit, Twitter said that software faults and incomplete data resulted in wrong geo-tags.

In the last few weeks, the company has worked towards resolving this issue of geo-tag in which Leh as well as other cities of Union Territory of Ladakh will be displayed with their correct names, state, and country.

“Twitter has now given us a written apology on an affidavit for Ladakh being shown in China,” Ms. Lekhi said.
“They have apologized for hurting Indian sentiments and have sworn to correct the error by November 30, 2020,” she added.