USA Election 2020, Biden Leading

Voting for the presidency has been formally begun in the US. There is a tough fight between Republican candidate Donald Trump (incumbent president) and Democratic candidate Joe Biden. All five votes cast in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, on the US-Canada border shortly after midnight, have gone to Biden's account.

The voting process has also begun in Vermont province, including Millsfield, New Hampshire. Long lines are being seen at polling stations. Explain that more than 10 crore voters have exercised their franchise so far under early voting and postal ballot facility. 139 million American citizens will cast their votes on Tuesday. As per tradition, voting takes place shortly after midnight in Dixville Notch. The votes cast here indicate trends in America.

In 2016, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won from Dixville Notch, according to CNN. However, Electoral College managed to become President in Donald Trump due to the majority. As per tradition, all eligible voters gather at the polling booth that opens soon after midnight and cast their votes.

In view of the possibility of violence after the announcement of the results of the presidential election, along with the fortification of the White House, important government establishments have been kept on high alert. The security of major US commercial institutions has also been tightened. Shopkeepers have also started security arrangements at their level to avoid losses.