Vaccine companies started getting orders

The preparation of the vaccine needed to prevent the corona epidemic has reached its final stage. Signs of this are beginning to come from government orders received from companies manufacturing vaccine syringes. Syringe manufacturing companies are rapidly expanding production capacity these days. Companies have also started receiving foreign orders for syringes.

The country's vaccine manufacturers have also increased their capacity by 40-50 percent. The government also wants to make India a leader in vaccine supplies, like PPE kits and Corona rescue medicines. In view of this, all the preparations are being done by the government. So that delivery before the vaccine arrives. 

The Prime Minister's Office is monitoring this entire matter. According to the All India Syringe and Needles Manufacturing Association, a 0.5 mL syringe is required for the corona vaccine.

To provide vaccine to 60 percent of the world's population, at least in the initial phase, eight to 10 billion syringes will have to be available. One shot of the vaccine in India alone may require 90 million syringes.