Abortion gets legal recognition in Argentina

In Argentina, women have won the battle to legalize abortion despite opposition from the Catholic Church. The bill on abortion was approved by the Senate. Women had been agitating for this right for a long time.

The bill legalizes abortion for 14 weeks. Earlier, abortion was allowed only due to rape and health reasons. There was a long debate in the Senate and finally, the bill was passed by 38 votes against 29. The lower house had already passed the bill in the same month.

Thousands of people gathered in front of the Senate building for celebrating the battle Supporters said that thousands of women were dying in illegal abortions.

A pleasure to pass abortion bill:

Women expressing joy at legalizing abortion outside parliament in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. The law on abortion was already passed in the lower house of parliament. A large number of people gathered outside Parliament to protest and support this bill. Ultimately, the ruling party succeeded in getting this bill passed in Parliament.