All three Khan will be seen in Lal Singh Chadha

It has been a long time for fans to see Amir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Salman Khan together. The desire of Aamir Khan starrer Lal Singh Chadha is going to be fulfilled. There are reports that Shah Rukh is doing a cameo in the film.

He plays DDLJ's own Raj will be seen in the film. It is said that the film will have an iconic moment of every decade. Everyone loves Indian cinema. In such a way the journey will be incomplete without top performers. Hence the release of DDLJ as Aamir in his self-discovery journey. He reaches his set to meet Shah Rukh.

At the same time, Salman will be seen playing the character of his iconic love. Aamir is very keen to bring Salman Khan to this film. Actually, one track of the film is set in 1989 where the choice of audience is changing. He is liking romance over action. This craze is around Salman Khan.