America now announced visa ban on Chinese officials

The Trump administration is adopting a strict attitude towards China even in the last phase of its tenure. In this series, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has now announced a visa ban on Chinese officials.

He said that this ban would be effective on Chinese officials and citizens involved in the propaganda. Pompeo said that this ban would apply to officials of the Communist Party of China or those associated with the propaganda campaign of the United Front Work Department.

The United Front Work Department of the Chinese Communist Party in its efforts to pressure such on people, who criticize China for human rights abuses. The purpose, Pompeo said, is to show that those responsible for acts that violate the law-based international system are not welcome in the US. Told China to adopt intimidating tactics to suppress freedom of expression.

Pompeo alleged that the United Front Work Department threatens civil society groups, minorities, and human rights activists who have voiced against human rights violations happening in Xinjiang, Tibet, and elsewhere in China. The department also provides funds to foreign organizations for propaganda.