Bombay IIT Student lost seat due to wrong click

An orphan student from Agra has lost his seat at the prestigious Bombay IIT due to a wrong click. Due to this, 18-year-old Siddhant Batra has now moved to the Supreme Court after being rejected for a four-year electrical engineering course by bringing the rank of 270 in the JEE Advanced Exam.

In his petition filed in the Supreme Court, student Siddhant Batra, while considering his case on humanitarian grounds, appealed to ensure an additional seat of electrical engineering for him. Earlier, the Bombay High Court had directed IIT to consider Batra's petition. While on November 23, Chief Justice Dipankar Dutta and GC Kulkarni in the Justice dismissed Batra's plea, saying that the IIT has issued an order considering its representation.

After the IIT said that they can no longer give seats to student Siddhant Batra as all the seats have been filled. IIT says that no change can be made in the rules of admission. After rejecting Batra's seat, IIT said that it would apply for IIT JEE (Advance) again next year.

Batra's lawyer Prahlad Paranjpe said that on October 31, Batra made a mistake during the online process of admission. While checking the IIT portal for further updates, he reached a link. It was written that he would like to withdraw from the process of obtaining the seat. He accidentally clicked on it and due to this, his application was canceled.