China built world's first quantum computer based on light

Chinese Scientists Claimed to create the world's first light-based quantum computer. It is capable of doing some calculations 100 trillion times faster than the world's most advanced supercomputers. The government newspaper China Daily quoted the study published in the journal Science as saying that quantum computers (Jiuzhang) are not only milestones in computing but also demonstrate the benefits of quantum computation.

The name of a quantum computer is derived from the ancient Chinese mathematical chapter. This computer can solve an extremely cryptic calculation called Gaussian boson sampling in 200 seconds. While the world's most advanced supercomputer 'Fugaku' can take up to 600 million years to do the same calculation.

Let us know that China has invested heavily in recent years to master quantum technology. Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) said that in the year 2017, China launched Quantum Communication Satellite with hack-proof and ultra-high security features.

Quantum computers, which play a leading role in the fields of material science, artificial intelligence, and medicine, increasingly follow simulations that are traditional.