Election Commission considering digital voter ID in future

The Election Commission is considering the possibility of making voter ID cards available to voters in digital form. However, a senior official of the Commission has clarified that the Election Commission has not taken any decision in this regard.

He said we have been getting suggestions from the working groups and people of the field officials, chief electoral officers of the state. This is one of the ideas that we are working on. When asked whether the digital identity card would mean that a voter would be able to keep it in his mobile phone through an app, the official said that the commission should first decide, after that such details will be decided.

The official said, it can be kept through mobile, website, e-mail. The idea is to supply it quickly and easily accessible. It takes time for the card to appear and reach the voter. Aadhaar card, PAN card, and driving license are also available in the digital medium.

The picture of the voter in the digital medium will also be completely clear so that it can be easily identified. Another Commission official said that to prevent misuse of technology, the Commission would have to look into its security aspects before taking any decision. The voter ID card containing the photo was first brought in 1993 and is accepted as proof of identity and address.