Health insurance has become a priority in Corona epidemic

Difficult times also include many possibilities. During the Corona epidemic crisis, 2020 was the year of such new possibilities for the health insurance sector. Corona has changed the way of life insurance and health insurance among the general public.

On the other hand companies have also tried to meet the demand by bringing new types of insurance products and adopting technology. Companies in the health insurance sector, which have been benefiting in the changed environment, are expecting a substantial growth in business next year as well.

Shashank Chhapkar, chief distribution officer at Manipalasigna Health Insurance Company, says that before 2020, people did not consider health insurance very important before Corona. Now people have realized that eating well and exercising is not a guarantee of staying healthy. Now people are considering health insurance as a safety net for themselves and family.

Now it has joined the priority of the people. Sanjay Dutta, chief underwriting of ICICI Lombard General Insurance, said, “In the Corona era people realized how lack of health insurance could end up earning a lifetime.