High speed internet in every village in three years: Modi

After electricity in every village, Prime Minister Narendra Modi now wants to see a high-speed internet facility in every village. On Tuesday, in the address of the Indian Mobile Congress 2020, the Prime Minister said that in the next three years, every village in the country will have a high-speed internet facility.

The work of laying optical fiber in villages has been started to implement this scheme. He said that mobile and internet rates in India are among the lowest in the world. Describing the usefulness of mobile technology in the era of the Corona epidemic, the Prime Minister said that the corona vaccine is involved in the world's biggest campaigns.

Mobile technology will also be used in the campaign. Citing the future of technology in the hands of Modi, Modi said that we need to work together to start 5G technology on time so that millions of Indians to take advantage of it. Referring to the mobile app era, Modi said that the youth of our country are working on many such products that have the potential to make a global debut.

India has become one of the fastest-growing mobile app markets in the world. He asked the youth of the country to trust in their own ability and also to trust their product. Modi said that more than one billion people use phones in the country right now. At the same time, 75 crore people use the Internet. Half of these people have started using the Internet in the last four years.