Modi launches driverless metro, Now the turn of Neo and Water Metro

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday flagged off the country's first driverless metro in Delhi through video conference. With this, a 37 km long magenta line ran between Botanical Garden to Janakpuri West without a driver's metro. The PM also launched the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC), which will be used on the Airport Express line.

The Prime Minister said that India has joined select countries in the world, which have the facility of the driverless metro. After this, people of the country will also get the facility of Light, Neo, and Water Metro. By the year 2025, the metro will have a network of about 1,700 km in more than 25 cities. The PM said that it is an important responsibility of the government to prepare the country for future needs.

However, it did not get much attention at first. Half-hearted work was done. At that time, cities were not prepared to deal with the after-effects of urbanization. Hence, there has been a huge gap in the demand and supply of urban infrastructure in many parts of the country.

The current government used urbanization as an opportunity, not as a challenge, to develop better infrastructure. This is the reason that till 2014, where the metro network was limited to 248 km in five cities, it now has 702 km in 18 cities.

Now five times more than five million people daily compared to that time Let's travel The Metro policy emphasized local needs, expansion of Make in India, and the use of modern technologies. The distance from RRTS (Regional Rapid Transit System) to Delhi and Meerut will be covered in less than an hour. Work on metro lights is going on in cities with a lesser number of passengers, which is ready to spend 40 percent less than the normal metro.

Where the number of passengers is less, the Neo-Metro network will be developed, which will be ready only at 25 percent cost of normal metro i.e. 75 percent savings. Work is underway to develop water metro facilities in cities where there are large reservoirs. The water metro in Kochi is being speeded up.