New corona antibody test results in just 20 minutes

Numerous researches are being done around the world to speed up the investigation and investigation of the coronavirus (Covid-19). In this exercise, scientists have developed a new antibody test to test the corona.

This precise and reliable investigation can yield results within just 20 minutes. The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, described the new test as the most accurate and reliable of the current antibody test. This test is less complicated and it makes the test work faster

 According to the researchers, the current test gives less reliable results and does not assess the level of antibodies. Whereas the new test called Biolayer Interferometry Immunosynthesis Assay (BLI-ISA) can give information about the amount of antibody within just 20 minutes. Rebecca DuBois, Associate Professor at the University of California, USA said, 'Our investigation is very sensitive. This may also identify lower levels of antibodies than other tests.

The antibody is a protein. Our immune system produces antibodies to combat the virus. Researchers said that it is important to get information about the number of antibodies in the body. In the coming time, it can be told that the presence of antibodies in the body can prevent the coronavirus.