Players will no longer be able to become DSPs with sports quota

Players in the state will no longer be able to become DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) through sports quota. Attempts have been made to change the game policy, under which sports quota DSP will be closed.

Olympians and winners of other major competitions. Posts will be created for the players in the sports department itself. The international level players will train the youth and prepare a new batch. For the first time, the responsibility of the change in sports policy has been given to the international sports minister Sandeep Singh.

In the first term of the Manohar government, the sports policy was formulated with IAS Dr. Ashok Khemka as Sports Secretary. In this policy, it was decided to hire Olympic, Asian, and Commonwealth medalists in direct recruitment to the posts of HCS (Haryana Administrative Service) and HPS (Haryana Police Service).

Apart from the game, there was a plan to adjust medal-winning players in other departments including education, police, development and panchayat and transport. This sports policy was challenged in the High Court. After this, the government withdrew from directly recruiting medal-winning players to HCS and HPS.