Restriction on arbitrary fees in schools

After liberating children from the burden of school bags, the focus of the Central Government is now on providing relief to the parents from the arbitrary fees being charged by the educational institutions. The government is working fast on this. It is believed that from the school to the higher educational institutions till the new academic session, it will create such a system, which will completely curb the arbitrary fees.

A strong and transparent mechanism in the National Education Policy to control arbitrary fees. It has been suggested to make inline with the National Education Policy. The Ministry of Education is working to create such a transparent system so that the dispute of fees is ended forever. Also, there should not be any harm to better educational institutions in the private sector.

This is the reason why this entire system will be linked to the gradings of the institutions. That is the grade of the educational institution which will be on the basis of quality and will be able to keep his fees till the prescribed limit. Also, there will be a limit to the increase.

With this, they will have to share information on his notice board every year, both online and offline, for whatever fees they will charge. The special thing is that in this entire system, which grade institution will be able to charge the maximum amount, will be determined.

The grade will be decided in a transparent manner at the government level. At present, institutions like the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAC) exist for the determination of grades in higher educational institutions.