Trump gets a big shock from Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has rejected petitions overturning the presidential election results. These petitions were filed by President Donald Trump's Republican Party and its supporters. It was argued that the court should reverse the election results of the contested provinces in which Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden won.

Reacting to the verdict, an angry Trump tweeted, "The Supreme Court wants to degrade me." Neither does he have any kind of understanding nor courage. This decision is an insult to me legally and is full of embarrassment for America. Let us tell you that Democratic candidate Joe Biden has won the US presidential election. He will take the oath of office on January 20. The Supreme Court in its brief and unsigned order on Friday said, "Texas did not show judicial cognizance interest in the same way as other states hold elections.

Therefore all pending proposals are rejected as disputed. The Supreme Court's decision is seen as a major setback for Trump, who was trying to reverse the results by challenging Biden's election. Supreme Court Judge Samuel Alito and Judge Clarence Thomas said they believed the court should hear the case but did not clarify the situation on the Texas claim. At least 126 Republican lawmakers have the lawsuit was supported.

Donald Trump himself also expressed happiness about these petitions and said that he hoped to win in the Supreme Court. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the Texas Attorney General, alleged that the four provinces that contested the forks, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin not only violated the laws of their provinces but also did not comply with the US Constitution. Therefore, there is an appeal to the court to prevent the Electoral College of these four provinces from voting in favor of Biden.