Trump is not giving up, new petition filed in Supreme Court

The election campaign committee of US President Donald Trump continues his efforts to change the election results held on November 3. The committee has said that it has filed a fresh petition in the Supreme Court in this regard.

The petition urges the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to reject all three decisions and allow the Pennsylvania General Assembly to elect its electoral college. However, election experts say that the difference between Biden and Trump's victory is so much.

Even there will be no change in the results. Rudy's lawyer Rudy Guliani said in a statement, 'We have requested the court to complete the hearing of the case before January 6. Biden election will be finalized on January 6.

However, according to court sources, the judges have not confirmed the date of hearing. Explain that the Trump campaign has so far filed at least 50 lawsuits related to election fraud. However, the court has dismissed almost all the cases after finding no evidence in this regard.