US court rejects new restrictions on H-1B visas

US President Donald Trump's government has suffered a major setback in the case. The US court has completely abolished two rules that were meant to reduce the number of visas issued to Indian professionals. This decision has brought great relief to thousands of Indian professionals as well as IT companies working in the US.

The Trump government enacted new rules banning H-1B visas last October. Through these rules, the Trump administration had imposed several conditions on companies recruiting foreign professionals and workers. These included conditions related to the determination of minimum wage and special profession limits.

After the implementation of these rules, more than one-third of the H-1B visas were in danger of being rejected. The government argued that the coronavirus has reduced employment in the country. Ordering the abolition of these rules, the District Judge of California, Geoffrey White, said the rules lacked transparency.

The reason for the change in rules has been attributed to the corona epidemic. In such a situation it can be an emergency system. There is no justification to apply it in the long run. With this decision of the court, all the provisions relating to business with effect from December 7 have now been repealed. The United States issues more than 85 thousand H-1B visas every year. More than six lakh people are from India and China, who are living in the US on this category of visas.