U.S. government, states launch antitrust lawsuits against Facebook

The world's leading Internet media company Facebook has been under the legal grip. The US federal government and 48 provinces have simultaneously filed antitrust lawsuits over the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook has been severely accused of establishing a monopoly and ending small companies with their wrong policies. Federal and provincial regulators have been investigating Facebook for 18 months. This action is being considered as an international tsunami against Facebook. New York's Attorney General Letitia James has said that Facebook has worked on a well-thought-out strategy for monopoly.

First, he bought his fast-growing rival Instagram. Then when the WhatsApp messaging app quickly surfaced, it acquired as well. In lawsuits filed in the district courts by the provinces, it has been said that such commercial behavior of Facebook has been detrimental to healthy competition. This has limited choices on the Internet platform for consumers.

Facebook gave this argument:

Facebook said that the facts in the case have been ignored. The company's General Counselor Jennifer Newstead has said that years ago the FTA only allowed Instagram and WhatsApp to buy. In the US business, it can now be said that no sales are final.