US recommends use of Pfizer vaccine for emergency use

A major step has been taken in the direction of start a vaccination campaign against this deadly virus in America, which is facing the worst corona epidemic in the world. The Special Advisory Committee of the US Health Agency Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine.

From this recommendation, it is being speculated that a vaccination campaign may begin in the US by early next week. Health workers will be vaccinated first. So far more than 15 million people have been infected in America and more than two lakh 90 thousand have lost their lives.

In an eight-hour meeting of the FDA advisory committee on Thursday, emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine was recommended by 17 votes, compared to four.

The committee formed on vaccines are independent scientists, researchers and infectious disease specialists, and statisticians are included. According to people associated with the FDA, the agency is likely to approve the use of the vaccine on Saturday.