What was The Reason Behind 45-minute Downtime of Google Services

In many parts of the world including India, Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, and other services of Google were disrupted for one hour on Monday. But later YouTube added in a tweet that we have returned and you can watch the video as normal on YouTube.

Similarly, Google also said that Gmail, Google Docs, Google Classroom, and all other affected services have started getting most of the affected users. Gmail problems have been resolved for most users. We are working to restore service for the rest of the users as well. But no updates will be given on the Google Workplace States dashboard. The same message was also given to all affected services. However, it is not yet known what caused the interruption in these services.

Reason of Downtime - 
 A Google spokesperson said the outage of “approximately 45 minutes” was due to “an internal storage quota issue”. The statement said “services requiring users to log in experienced high error rates during this period”.

According to the down editor who monitors the disruption in these services, Gmail users complained of problems ranging from website access to logging and messaging. A large number of YouTube users were neither able to access the website nor were able to watch videos. Some users reported trouble with login. However, some users said on Twitter that they could watch YouTube videos in 'incognito mode' even during disturbed times.

The down editor has stated that Google's services were affected not only in India but also in other parts of the world including Europe and America. Among the affected users, 15 percent had problems with the website on Gmail, while 79 percent had difficulty logging in and 14 percent had difficulty exchanging messages. 52 percent had trouble watching videos on YouTube, 39 percent related to the website and eight percent had trouble logging in.