10 lakh people got vaccinated in just six days in India

The pace of the vaccination campaign is also faster than in other countries of the world. The Health Ministry said on Sunday that 10 lakh people have got Corona vaccines within just six days in the country. This is a figure that has also overtaken countries like the US and Britain. 
According to the ministry, about 16 lakh people have been vaccinated since the vaccination campaign started in the country. The ministry said that it took Britain 18 days and America 10 days to cross the 1 million mark. 
The ministry said that till 8 am on January 24, 16 lakh (15,82,201) beneficiaries are vaccinated. In the last 24 hours, around two lakh (1,91,609) people have been vaccinated in 3,512 sessions across the country. At the same time, 27,920 sessions have been organized for vaccination.