2,100 arrested at street protests demanding Alexei Navalny's release

The political atmosphere has been heated up in Russia against the arrest of Putin's fierce opposition leader Alexei Navalny. On Saturday, thousands of Navalny supporters took to the streets. In the capital Moscow alone, more than forty thousand people performed. Furious demonstrations were also held in other places of the country.
The police used force to control the protesters, releasing tear gas shells. More than a thousand people have been arrested. Mobile service has been discontinued in many cities. Police have also arrested Navalny's wife Yulia during a demonstration in Moscow. Navalny was undergoing treatment in Germany for the past five months following the poisoning incident in August.
 He returned to his country last Sunday. After landing here in Moscow, he was arrested. He has been charged with violating the rules of parole. The police take Navalni on thirty days remand. Navalny supporters appealed to demonstrate that he is innocent. Thousands of people took to the streets together in Russia. 
In winter, forty thousand people demonstrated in Moscow, Russia, to release Navalny. The protesters were shouting slogans against Putin and the government. Navalny supporters also performed at Bludivostak. Demonstrations took place in many cities of Siberia even after the temperature ranged from -17 to -52 degrees Celsius.
 In all these cities the police tried to crush the protest with vigor. According to reports, there were protests against Putin and the government in forty cities of Russia. Police officials here say the demonstrations are completely illegal. No permission was legally obtained from them. To control the situation, the government has shut down mobile phones and Internet services in many places.