America gives indication of nuclear deal with Iran

US Secretary of State Antoine Blinken has clarified the policies of President Joe Biden's administration on Iran, China and Afghanistan. He said that if Iran faithfully complies with all the terms of the nuclear deal, then the US is ready to rejoin the agreement
The peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government have been asked to continue in Afghanistan. For the first time since Blinken became foreign minister, the reporters were in talks. The Foreign Minister said that President Joe Biden wants the conditions on the nuclear deal with Iran to be clear, Iran fully accepts the terms of the agreement, then America will also follow the same path. 
By strengthening this forum with friends and allies, other problems going on with Iran can also be overcome. At the same time, he said that we are now at the place from which to go a long way and Iran has to show its commitment. The US Secretary of State said that Khalilzad has been asked to continue the peace talks between the Afghan-Taliban in a special envoy trap appointed for the peace process in Afghanistan.