America is reviewing Taliban agreement

The agreement between the US and the Taliban is under review after President Joe Biden's administration took over in the US. It is also being seen what commitments were there from both sides in the agreement and how far they have been followed.
 This information was given by US Secretary of State Tony Blinken. He informed that all the terms of the agreement are being studied. It is also being seen how many of them have been applied on the ground. Foreign Minister said that the new administration of America, a special envoy appointed for the process has asked Zalme Khalilzad to continue the peace talks between the Afghan-Taliban. 
is known that former President Donald Trump's administration had entered into a peace deal with the Taliban. Under this agreement, US forces are to return from Afghanistan by May. The process of returning the troops has also started. 
Now the peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban are underway with US intervention. The talks are taking place in Qatar's capital Doha. The second round of talks has started on January 5. The period of violence in Afghanistan is not over yet. Both the Afghan government and the Taliban have an eye on what the President Biden administration's stand on Afghan.