Another farmer died on Saturday at Tikari border

Another farmer died on Saturday at the Tiki border. A total of 15 farmers have died on this border so far. Farmer leaders say that most of these deaths are due to heart attacks. Amid the cold, a large number of farmers are stuck here. Farmers say that the government does not mind these deaths.
Demand for the withdrawal of bills has been on the border for a long time, but the government is not taking any initiative to withdraw the bill. According to the information, Bohar Singh was a resident of Muktsar Sahib in Punjab and was performing at the Tiki border for the last several days. Farmer leader Sahil said that on Friday night Bohar Singh went to sleep after having dinner, after not getting up till late Saturday morning.
His friends went to pick him up but he did not get up. Information was immediately given to the forum operators. After which their information was collected from their friends. His family members were informed about this. The police were also informed about this. Farmers say that the chain of death is not stopping at the borders.
Farmers are dying of cold, but the government is not bothered. Many college and university students reached the border on Sunday morning. Where he protested against the government, besides the demand of farmers, loss of farmers from agricultural bills through street plays. A large number of students participated in this drama which happened twice.