Another woman of Kashmiri origin included in Biden administration

The US elected President Joe Biden has included another woman of Kashmiri origin, Sameera Fazli in her administration. Sameera Fazli is the second woman of Kashmiri origin after Aisha Shah to be posted as Deputy Director of the National Economic Council.
Fazli is currently working at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta as Director of Engagement for the Community and Economic Development Department. She has also served as a Senior Advisor in the National Economic Forum under the administration of former President Barack Obama.
Not only this, but she has also been an advisor in the Treasury Department in the Obama administration. Earlier, Biden shared Kashmiri-origin Aisha Shah in the White House has been posted as manager. Biden, who is going to take over the reins of the presidency, has raised the value of Jammu and Kashmir and the enthusiasm of the people here by giving Fazli a place in his administration.
This is the first time that two women of Kashmiri origin have been entrusted with important responsibilities in the administration of the President of America. There is also enthusiasm among the people of Kashmir, especially women. He says that it is a matter of honor for the women of Jammu and Kashmir that the women here have been given important responsibilities in the Biden administration.