Apple and Amazon also removed the parlor app from their platform

Apple, the tech giant, has removed the US-based microblogging platform 'Parlor' from its app store. The company has said that there is no place on its platform for violence and illegal activities. Recently, supporters of US President Donald Trump have associated with this app in a big way.

A day earlier, Google removed the parlor platform from its Playstore. On the other hand, giant e-commerce company Amazon has also removed this app from Amazon Web Service. The move comes a day after Apple gave a warning to the parlor.

It said that it has received many complaints about objectionable content in its services. It is alleged that whatever happened in Washington DC on January 6 was planned on the parlor app itself. "We have always supported various points of the app on the Play Store, but there is no place on our platform for violence and illegal activity," Apple said in a statement to The Hill newspaper.

The company said that the parlor app had not taken adequate measures to protect the people. The parlor from the app store has been suspended until they respond to the issues raised.