Biden nominated 20 Indians for important posts

At least 20 Indian-Americans including 13 women, have been nominated to important positions in the government. The status of the people of India in the Widen administration can be gauged from the fact that alone 17 powerful people will hold important office in the White House.
One percent of the total population of America is of Indian origin and this small community will employ such a large number of people for the first time in an administration. Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the US on January 20, and Kamala Harris will take oath on the same day as the first female Vice President of the country.
Harris will be the first Vice President of Indian origin in the US and will also be the first African American to hold this office. This is the first time such a large number of Indian-Americans have been nominated in the administration of a president before the swearing-in ceremony. Many positions are still vacant in Biden's administration.
The top of the list includes the names of Neera Tandon and Dr. Vivek Murthy and Neera Tandon has been nominated as Director of Budget and Dr. Vivek Murthy as US Surgeon General. Vanita Gupta has been named Associate Attorney General of the Ministry of Law. MR Rangaswamy, the founder of IndiaSpora, said, "The Indian-American community's dedication to public service over the years has been recognized at the very beginning of this administration.